2023 Wedding Trends

2023 Wedding Trends and Expert Tips

Insights from Bubbles & Co. Wedding Coordinators

The world of weddings is ever-evolving, with fresh trends and innovative ideas constantly emerging to captivate couples and guests alike. To help you navigate the exciting realm of wedding planning, we’ve gathered insights and advice from Bubbles & Co. Wedding Coordinators, experts at staying current with the latest trends and crafting unforgettable celebrations.

Current Wedding Trends and Unique Ideas

Beautiful Outdoor Venues: Outdoor and destination weddings (like the Garden Route & Klein Karoo) have taken centre stage, offering picturesque settings that include beaches, forests, vineyards, and mountaintops. These locations provide couples with the opportunity to create unique and memorable experiences.

Eco-Conscious Celebrations: Many couples embrace eco-conscious weddings by incorporating sustainable practices. This includes using locally sourced and organic materials, minimising waste, and choosing eco-friendly decor to minimise their environmental impact.

Vibrant and Bold Colour Schemes: Vibrant and bold colour palettes are returning, with couples choosing richer tones and unexpected combinations to inject personality and excitement into their weddings.

Non-Traditional Attire: Brides and grooms are breaking away from traditional wedding attire. Non-white wedding dresses, colourful suits, and outfits that reflect individual style choices are becoming increasingly popular.

Technology Integration: Technology is being creatively integrated into weddings. This includes digital invitations, virtual guest books, live streaming for remote guests, and interactive photo booths to add a modern touch to the celebration.

Larger-Than-Life Decor Elements: Couples opt for larger-than-life decor elements like suspended floral installations, impressive backdrops, and unique seating arrangements to create a visually stunning impact.

Memorable Dining Experiences: Couples are placing a strong emphasis on memorable dining experiences, incorporating interactive food stations, food trucks, and creative cocktail bars to engage and entertain their guests.

The Return of the 60s: The swinging 60s are making a stylish comeback. Bold colours, mod styles, and unconventional fashion choices are all the rage. Think bouffant hairstyles, mini dresses, slim ties, vibrant hues, geometric patterns, and innovative flower arrangements.