About Us

Garden Route Weddings is an online hub of information and inspiration for couples wanting to get married in the Garden Route and Klein Karoo regions.

Inspirational elements such as real weddings, ideas and targeted article topics that gives advice is given.  Local service providers are introduced and featured in prime blog posts.  These regions are further showcased with locations, images and suggestions of beautiful settings within the Garden Route and Klein Karoo.  

In short, it is the top ‘One stop shop for wedding couples wanting to get married in these regions.’  It is a fast-growing online community that is fully supported by an active social media presence on Facebook and Instagram (26.8k followers).


Our Mission

To promote the Garden Route and Klein Karoo for the quality, top class wedding destinations that these regions are.

The world-wide wedding trend of destination weddings, elopement weddings and country weddings are very much in demand currently, mostly for the financial benefits involved.  South Africa has been a favourite destination wedding location because of expatriate community returning to get married here as well as the favourable exchange rate.

Cape Town and Cape Winelands used to be one of the top international wedding destinations in the world but with the current drought causing irreversible damage to the local tourism and wedding economy in Cape Town and the Cape Winelands areas, the wedding market has dropped by as much as 80% at some venues.  This unfortunate situation forces potential wedding couples to look elsewhere for their destination wedding in South Africa.

The Garden Route and Klein Karoo is the perfect alternative because of the logistical location just a few hours away from Cape Town, the beautiful diverse opportunities, the water richness, the quality venues and service providers.


Promote Our Area

To promote the growth and assist with promoting the quality wedding vendors and venues in the regions to be more visible nationally and internationally.

The aim is to draw more business for the local wedding market, thus ensuring an economic influx into these regions. Tourism has been one of the top economic contributors to the local Garden Route and Klein Karoo economies. The niche wedding-tourism market of weddings, honeymoons and wedding related spin off tourism has grown vastly in the Garden Route and Klein Karoo over the past couple of years.

Unfortunately, it is not a well-known fact that these regions are host to some of the world’s top wedding providers such as wedding planners, photographers and florists. Our aim is to bring awareness to these local individuals and in accordance uplift and enhance the level of industry quality across the board in the Garden Route and Klein Karoo. Our aim is not only to stimulate the local economies of the regions, but to also invest in the growth thereof in the future.


Plan Your Garden Route Wedding

To promote the assistance of organising a wedding in the Garden Route.

The ease of access to knowledge and information is a key factor to promoting weddings in the Garden Route and Klein Karoo.

The aim of the magazine publication in accordance with our social media and online marketing opportunities, is to provide the potential client the ease of access to the necessary information needed when organising a wedding in these regions.  To assist the client in selecting the ultimate wedding destination in line with their expectations for nature, service and product expectations.