Colourful vintage farm wedding

Colourful vintage farm wedding

Colourful vintage farm wedding

Colourful vintage farm wedding

Will and Gaylen chose to have an authentic Colourful vintage farm wedding with thoughtful touches.  They decided to brake away from the trends and focus on originals ideas that is true to their relationship(s) and to who they are as a couple.  We love it when couples get inspired in this way and asked Will and Gaylen a view questions.

  • We love your wedding and everything about it.  It speaks of you, your relationships and your love for each other.  Tell us a bit more about your love story? 

We met in highschool in Grade 9! We were best friends for months before we became girlfriend and boyfriend, even though we were secretly in love with each other from the first moment we met. He had braces and I had frizzy hair, but we were inseparable until he had to move to a different school. We kept in contact with each other over all the years apart, writing letters, then emails as technology moved on, then phone calls as we got bolder.

We didn’t see each other again at all until one morning in 2009, when I decided that enough was enough! He was working on site in a little town in the Northern Cape called Loeriesfontein (population: about 12) and I was living in downtown Cape Town, we were spending every spare moment on the phone with each other. One night I said ‘That’s it! I am coming through to you tomorrow.’ He nearly had a heart attack but finally we agreed to meet halfway, as he was about 500kms away. So, I set out from Cape Town at 8am, and he set out from Loeriesfontein an hour later and we eventually collided at a fuel station in a place called Vanrynsdorp, which is a tiny village in the middle of nowhere. That moment changed both our lives, it was love at first sight all over again. Even though we only had a few hours together that day, we knew this was it, and we haven’t looked back since.

Colourful vintage farm wedding

  • Wow, that is a beautiful story!  So the proposal then?

We had decided that we should get married a long time ago, so there wasn’t a traditional proposal as such. A few months before the wedding he took me to Azure at the Twelve Apostles and presented me with the most beautiful midnight blue sapphire engagement ring that he had designed himself. It was the perfect date and the most perfect ring.

  • Okay, so tell us about your colourful vintage farm wedding.  It is so beautiful and unique.  Where or how did you go about in planning all the thoughtful details and décor elements? 

We wanted an authentic wedding, nothing fake or unnecessary. We spent over a year planning every detail and collecting all the things we liked, and thoughts that worked for the overall colourful Farm wedding theme. I spent hours online looking through wedding websites and then made a scrap book to keep all the elements clear.  I was inspired by nature a lot, how colour occurs in nature. Mostly I was inspired by the venue itself and how beautiful everything there is. This made my choices easier, because I knew I had a spectacular base to work from.

Colourful vintage farm weddingColourful vintage farm wedding

  • Choosing a colourful farm wedding is a bit out of the ordinary, usually the theme tends to go a bit more bohemian.  Why colour?  Did you have a specific colour scheme or just gave the florist free creative licence? 

I knew I wanted a lot of colour and a lot of handmade detail. I hired a local Swellendam florist/décor specialist who totally got what I wanted to do. We went for a lot of colour and mixed blooms, nothing controlled. I bought lace from a warehouse sale to cover all the benches, and we set mason jars next to each bench full of mixed blooms that we bought by the armful from a downtown Cape Town flower market.

We wanted the ceremony to be natural, so the florist laid an aisle of petals and blooms. Along this he set up shepherd hooks with more mixed flowers in jars and that was it, we let the beautiful tree do the rest.

The napkins were embroidered with our names and the wedding date in a font to match the invitations, and each one had a small posy of flowers tied to it with raw rope as a napkin ring. The table was set all in white, to offset all the colour of the flowers.

For the reception, the florist strung rows and rows of fairy lights around the trees and over the dance floor, across the whole area around the reception. From those we hung multi coloured paper lanterns and mix & match bunting. We had 230 glass jars in various sizes and shapes with a candle inside each one scattered all over the area. Some were clustered amongst the flowerbeds, some were set on the table, some were hanging on rope loops from shepherd hooks. In the end it looked like a million stars over and around us. The contrast of the green grass, white dance floor and millions of twinkling lights was breath-taking and worked perfectly for that colourful vintage farm wedding feel.

Colourful vintage farm wedding


  • You had so many thoughtful elements throughout your colourful vintage farm wedding that added that personal touch.  Tell us a bit more about these? 

The dinner service was mix and match china which was my pride piece of the wedding reception, we even had mix and match tea cups for coffee afterwards! I spent a year combing the flea markets and second-hand stores of my city, hand picking each plate and bowl to mismatch in just the right way. With these I found antique tins in bright coloured prints to work alongside the china. We used the tins for all sorts of things, such as dried flowers and sweets.

Our wedding favours were small jars of honey for each couple, from the honey farm venue itself. We printed name tags on the same stationary as the invitations and wrapped each one with raw raffia. The honey is amazingly good, its 100% natural organic farm honey.

I did not have a veil, only a custom-made tiara by Belle Chiara.  It looked like twigs with butterflies and multi coloured Swarovski crystals on it – it fit in perfectly with our colourful vintage farm wedding theme.

The wedding cake was a double layer chocolate cake covered in fresh berries and mint from the garden. We made a cake stand out of two pieces of raw, untreated wood that we rescued from the axe. Along with the cake, the amazing caterer made a variety of local South African goodies like mini koeksisters, mini tarts and mini chocolate puddings. We had a whole ‘Sweetie Table’ in the end, which was also decorated with colourful oil lanterns, candles and flowers. My mother in law baked miniature cake pops as the final touch, which we had decorated by the kids in attendance. It was nice to have them get involved too!

Colourful vintage farm wedding


  • Any advice for couples planning their wedding?

 If I could impart any words of wisdom to future brides I would say, no matter how well you plan, how well organised you are, something will probably go wrong. But just remember, it’s about being married at the end of the day. Just roll with whatever the day throws at you, try stay relaxed and enjoy it. Remember – you will only be in this moment once in your life, don’t let it slip you by. Take a moment with your nearest and dearest to savour the moment.  Also, remember that everyone at your wedding is there because they want to support you, appreciate your guests and the efforts they made to attend.

Colourful vintage farm wedding

Service providers:

Photography:  Christelle Rall Photography

Venue:  Honeywood Farm

Florist:  Jubilee

Tiara:  Belle Chiara

Make up:  Cecilia Fourie

Shoes:  Steve Madden

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