Contemporary Karoo Wedding

Contemporary Karoo Wedding

Contemporary Karoo Wedding

Mariah and Ben decided on a beautiful contemporary karoo wedding with a colour pallet of  Burgundy & Black and touches of Rose Gold.  We asked Mariah a few questions on the how and where her inspiration came from for their contemporary karoo wedding.

Contemporary Karoo Wedding

  • Tell us a bit more about your love story? Where did you meet, was it love at first sight etc..

Ben and I met through a mutual friend. His official “move” was to send me a Friend Request on Social Media as he believed it to be the proper way to create a connection. I saw the invite come through and wanted to ignore it for a day or so but my friend who was with me at the time told me: “Mariah don’t be ridiculous, we all have smart phones and he knows you got the notification. Show him you are interested and accept. Send him a direct message as well.” The result? He played it cool and waited two (long) days to respond to my direct message. He later told me that because I responded immediately, he knew he “had me”. Well, joke’s on him because now he has me for life!

Contemporary Karoo Wedding


  • And the proposal?  Was it a surprise?  Romantic?

The first ever Romantic outing that Ben took me on, was up to Northcliff hill in order to watch the sun set with a bottle of wine and a blanket. For the proposal, he lured me back to the same spot under pretence and then surprised me by going down on one knee as the sun set.

  • Let’s talk about your stunning wedding… We love your colour scheme ‘Burgundy & Black, with a touch of Rose Gold’ – where or what was the inspiration behind this pallet?

I like to do things a little bit differently. As it was to be a winter wedding, the dark and moody colour scheme was very well suited. I also have to admit that Pinterest was my secret helper in order to streamline the décor and colour scheme choices

Contemporary Karoo Wedding

  • Okay your dress, it is just gorgeous! Please tell us everything about it!  The who, the why etc…

The dress had the same criteria as the hair – the bigger the better! I’ve always wanted a “poufy” dress and the Universe aligned in my favour. The Skirt and Petticoat was made by my sister-in-law. The Bodysuit was from YDE and I bought it because of the lovely, rich colour which suited my colour scheme. With her skill and good eye, my sister-in-law was able to match the colour of the skirt to that of the bodysuit and she also provided me with my “something borrowed” – a leather jacket that just happened to be in her cupboard – and it rounded off the whole outfit perfectly. Ironically, burgundy was so “in” during the winter that many of the Guests ended up wearing the “wedding colours” without knowing it beforehand. It made for very nicely colour-coordinated photos!

Contemporary Karoo Wedding

  • Why Calitzdorp? And the Klein Karoo?  Besides the town’s obvious charm, are there any other inspirations for choosing this unique location?

My Father grew up in Calitzdorp and we have a family farm in the district. All of our school holidays were spent on the farm but my teenage-self would have much rather been by the sea-side. The result, however, is that I developed a great love for the Klein Karoo. It has always been the place where Family comes together so there was no destination more fitting.

  • You decided on a winter wedding. Is there any specific reason for this?  Apart from the fact that it is obviously less heat in the Karoo.  😊

I don’t mind the heat as I am a Karoo girl but I liked the idea of a warm and cosy wedding with a fireplace, red wine and good company. We started planning the wedding in December 2017 and had to give the family a bit of a “heads up” in order to make travel arrangements. I also didn’t want to wait too long before closing the deal – no winter (cold) feet allowed! Therefore, a winter wedding just made sense and we ended up taking some time off work before the wedding in order to spend quality time with family.

Contemporary Karoo Wedding

  • You had an intimate wedding. How did you go about selecting your guests?

We’ve attended so many large weddings where you barely get a chance to spend time with the Bride and Groom as they are so busy with formalities. For this reason we decided to keep it small and only invite Parents and Siblings. As some of my siblings live overseas, we very rarely get a chance to all spend time together and the wedding would be the perfect opportunity for an intimate family gathering. It would also be the first time that my and Ben’s siblings meet each other.

  • In hindsight is there anything you would have done differently for your contemporary karoo wedding? Any tips or advice for couples planning their wedding?

It goes by so fast. My advice would be to take it all in and be present in every moment. When the Reception is taking place, take a minute, go and stand at the back and just watch everyone enjoying themselves. It is such a rewarding sight to see people having a good time, laughing and bonding with each other. In the end you won’t remember your hair that wasn’t exactly the way you wanted it to be or the shoes that hurt your feet but what you will remember is the feeling of togetherness and the sound of laughter. That’s what makes it all worth it.

Hill Bruilof <> contemporary karoo weddingContemporary Karoo Wedding Contemporary Karoo Wedding Contemporary Karoo Wedding

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Service Providers:

Photographer:  Michelle Photography
Venue: Calitzdorp Country House
Blomme: Pic-i-Lily; Oudtshoorn 
Décor: Fancy Functions; Mosselbaai Tuin Ateljee; Oudtshoorn
Hare: Louisa Pretorius
Make-up: Bianca de Ridder
Rok: Melissa Vorster