Garden Route cinematographer

Garden Route Cinematographer, JVS Productions

Garden Route cinematographer

This week’s featured vendor is Garden Route Cinematographer, JVS Video Productions, known for their beautifully emotive wedding videos.  We had a chat with Jaco, producer, director and all-round video maker about his work, weddings and what makes the Garden Route special.

Q: Tell us a bit about your background and how you got started in your industry.

A: I got married to my beautiful wife in 2008 in the Garden Route. As we were planning our wedding we quickly realized the lack of cinematographers in the area to document our special day.  Michelle (my wife) was already an established photographer, and I would chauffeur her to all her wedding and spend the day with her as the “assistant”. This got me thinking; I’m already working with her, and I enjoy the creative side of her work, why not try my hand on shooting some video?  So with little knowledge and heaps of enthusiasm, I got myself a video camera and started filming weddings with my wife.

The beginning stages was tough, I did my first few weddings for free just to get some practice and my career as cinematographer took shape! It was only after 5 years of shooting weddings part-time that I was able to pursue a full time career making films, and loving it every day.

Garden Route cinematographer

Q: What about weddings make you passionate about your career?

A: You get to spend one of the happiest days of your client’s lives with them! Everything on the day is beautiful, planned to perfection, and I get to film that! When I see the joy my work brings to them, their families and friends that makes me excited, and why I love filming weddings.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?

A: Inspiration comes when you least expect it! I draw a lot from the couple on the day, beautiful elements of the day helps get the creative juices flowing.

Garden Route cinematographer

Q: Why the Garden route?  What makes the Garden Route so special?

A: The Garden Route offers the trinity of trinities for any wedding! We have sea, mountains and beautiful bush all in a 20km radius. This makes being a Garden Route cinematographer very unique and the perfect place for a destination wedding!

Q: What advice or tips can you give couples wanting to get married?

It’s so important to get along with your service providers you are planning to hire, they play an important role to make sure not only your day runs smoothly but to help make your day memorable! You will always remember the way you felt on your special day. Make sure you send it with people that make you happy and make you feel special.

Garden Route cinematographer

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