Garden Route wedding caterer

Top Garden Route wedding caterer, Chef PJ Russouw

Top Garden Route wedding caterer

This week’s featured vendor is Top Garden Route wedding caterer, Chef PJ Russouw.  His company is simply called, Cheff!, and is a catering company in the Garden Route.  They specialize in sweet and delectable treats. Here’s a little insider info on what makes PJ and his business tick.


Q: Tell us a bit about how you got started:

A: 2006 – I started my obsession with food and the science behind it. I made my first attempt to enter a cooking competition. Rooi Rose magazine hosted a top Tiener Kok cook off. I was a finalist alongside Herman Lensing and many other well-known and upcoming chef`s. I made my first mark in the food industry as a young enthusiastic chef. I was instantly hooked to the feeling and pressure of cooking in the spotlight. Many other young chef competitions followed, and I performed well. The highlight of my career came when I started to begin a long and hard road with my studies at CAIA. Peter Veldsman and Johan Odendaal, Directors and my lectors at CAIA gave me a lot of knowledge and laid down the strong foundation on which I build my passion and career. I moved on soon after my course was completed at CAIA, with the privilege assisting Peter Veldsman in his latest cooking book, Blissful Bites.  I had to complete an international diploma with Francois Ferreira. My work started as a young chef around the Garden route. After a few years of job hopping and building valuable experience, I was on my way abroad – Dubai! I lived in Dubai for four years where I worked in very interesting restaurants and got the chance to complete many challenging projects. This year, I wanted to start my own business, thus coming back to South Africa and the beautiful Garden Route.



Garden Route wedding caterer

Q: What about the Wedding industry makes you excited?

A: My mom had a wedding business and I grew up with weddings. I love the idea of celebrating a new season in life. I would love to contribute in making these celebrations special and memorable.


Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?

A: I draw inspiration from art, music and beautiful, sensual things. Science play a big roll in all my thinking and creating. Balancing art and science are the pure drive in my cooking.

Q: Why the Garden route?  What makes the Garden Route so special?

A: This is my home. I grew up in the Garden Route. I traveled many places in the world and this place will always be closest to my heart.


Q: What advice or tips can you give a couple wanting to get married?

A: Love each other and listen to your heart. Do not let life come in between the feelings of the heart.  Love each other in every moment of your life.

Garden Route wedding caterer

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