Alicia Louwrens Photography

Alicia Louwrens Photography

Capturing Moments, Creating Memories


Alicia Louwrens Photography is a dreamer and storyteller who believes in the magic of love and happiness. Specialising in wedding, lifestyle, and portrait photography in Dana Bay, Garden Route, Alicia is the creative force behind the lens that turns your dreams into stunning visual tales.

From the first click of the shutter, Alicia crafts each frame with a keen eye for detail and a passion for capturing love and light. Alicia’s photography is infused with genuine emotion and authenticity, whether it’s a romantic wedding, a joyful lifestyle session, or a heartwarming portrait.

“From our engagement shoot to our wedding day, Alicia exceeded our expectations. Her attention to detail, openness to ideas, and unwavering professionalism set her apart. We were initially nervous, but Alicia’s enthusiasm and friendly demeanour immediately put us at ease. The results were breathtaking, and we knew she was the perfect choice to capture our wedding memories. Talented, kind, and fun – Alicia made our experience unforgettable. We highly recommend her!”

Alicia brings creativity, passion, and a personal touch to every project. Don’t miss the chance to turn your moments into memories that last a lifetime. Contact Alicia today to schedule your session and let the magic unfold through the lens of Alicia Louwrens Photography. Love, light, and unforgettable memories await!