MariusK Dance Studio

MariusK Dance Studio

Create a Mesmerizing First Dance!


If the thought of that first dance is giving you butterflies (and not the good kind), OR if your feet seem to have a mind of their own, worry not! MariusK Dance Studio is the place to be to turn those dance floor jitters into moves that will leave your guests in awe.

Whether you’re a dance enthusiast or if dancing is a foreign concept, Marius is the expert you’ve been dreaming of. He’s not just a dance instructor; he’s a dance magician who’ll sprinkle confidence and grace into every step. His career spans almost two decades, from being a professional dancer at a young age to being a dance instructor with the prestigious Arthur Murray International Dance School.

Imagine your first dance as a captivating story, a tale of your love unfolding on the dance floor. Every lesson at MariusK Dance Studio is meticulously crafted to make your wedding dance unforgettable. From the most seasoned dancers to those who’ve never even tried the cha-cha, Marius will be your guiding star. Step by step, move by move, he’ll make sure you feel at ease and ready to dazzle.

His focus is always to create a dance that is uniquely yours. Your love story will come alive through every graceful movement, and your dance will be a symphony celebrating your journey together. Those pre-dance jitters. They’ll be a thing of the past as you step onto the floor with confidence and poise.

Marius offers tailored choreography so that your dance will resonate with your personal story and that will make you shine on that dance floor like never before. Your dance routine will reflect your bond and love, turning your special moment into a cherished memory. Lessons also include Mother-and-Groom and Father-and-Bride sessions.

Your special day deserves a dance that’s as exceptional as your love story. So, reserve your spot today and let the dance of a lifetime begin. Contact MariusK Dance Studio to make your wedding dance a memory you’ll treasure forever.

MariusK also offer wedding wedding & bridal Planning and is also the owner of MariusK Wedding Dress Designer.