Tim Moolman Photography

Tim Moolman Photography

Creating Moments with Every Click


Tim Moolman Photography is a documentary wedding photographer whose empathy and skill at capturing the smallest and quickest of emotions, shows how well he understands the importance of his role on a couple’s wedding day. Tim is passionate about documenting authentic moments that truly reflect the couple’s personalities and the emotions they are experiencing throughout the wedding. Over 20 years of experience has taught him to be patient and observant, skilled at anticipating these moments and in positioning himself to capture them in the most natural way possible. He exudes calm and professionalism in even in the most challenging situations. Tim’s images are honest and heartfelt, and they tell a sincere story that the couple will cherish forever. 

If asked, he’ll tell you about the variety of events he’s been privileged to photograph, like being Official Photographer to the British Royal Family, covering the Isle of Man TT, skateboarding and working with Tony Hawk, serving as an ambassador for Fujifilm, Canon, Huawei, LG, and Litra. With a client list that includes Volvo, Jaguar, Rayban, 947, Talk Radio 702, Jacaranda 92,7, Huawei, Fujifilm, Canon, RedBull, Skate Emporium, the list goes on.

Tim specializes in wedding photojournalism which holds immense significance in capturing the essence and emotions of a couple’s special day. It goes beyond traditional posed shots, aiming to tell a genuine and authentic story. By documenting candid moments, raw emotions, and unscripted interactions. Wedding photojournalism creates a visual narrative that allows couples to relive the true atmosphere and sentiment of their wedding. These photos become cherished memories, preserving the laughter, tears, and joyous celebrations for generations to come. Wedding photojournalists can blend into the background, becoming silent observers and capturing the fleeting moments that make each wedding unique. Their work encapsulates the beauty, the connections, and the nuances of the day, turning them into powerful visual narratives that evoke emotion and tell a love story.

Don’t delay missing out on those precious moments on your wedding day, Contact Tim Moolman Photography for a personalized quotation. You will not regret it!