Pippa’s Flowers & Co’s Top 5 Tips for Choosing Wedding Flowers

Your wedding day is a magical occasion, and your chosen flowers are crucial in setting the tone and creating a harmonious atmosphere. At Pippa’s Flowers & Co, we understand the significance of this day, and we’re here to offer our top five tips to help you select the perfect flowers for your celebration.

1. Seek Harmony Between Flowers and Venue

When selecting wedding flowers, it’s essential to ensure they harmonize with your chosen venue. The key here is to create balance and coherence between the two. Two entirely different themes can be challenging to blend seamlessly. Consider the ambience of your venue and choose flowers that enhance its natural beauty. This way, your flowers complement the setting, enhancing the overall visual impact.

2. Dress First, Bouquet Second

Your wedding dress is the centrepiece of your bridal look, and your bouquet should complement it flawlessly. Before finalizing your bouquet’s style, shape, size, and colours, choosing your wedding dress is essential. This ensures your bouquet matches perfectly, enhancing your bridal ensemble’s overall elegance and charm.

3. Embrace Seasonal Flowers

There’s nothing quite like the beauty of fresh, seasonal flowers. When setting your wedding date, consider the blooming seasons of your favourite flowers. Opting for in-season blooms not only ensures the highest quality but also allows you to create a magical atmosphere. Seasonal flowers are abundant, vibrant, and cost-effective, making them an excellent choice for any wedding.

4. Consider the Bigger Picture

Remember to consider the bigger picture while your bouquet is undoubtedly a focal point. Consider your table centrepieces, especially if you’ll serve a plated menu or communal sharing platters. Ensure that the table flowers are both beautiful and practical. Space may be limited, so avoid overwhelming the table with large arrangements that must be relocated.

5. Trust the Professionals

In the world of wedding flowers, there are endless options and trends. Florists have the experience and creativity to bring your vision to life while considering factors like seasonality, colour coordination, and overall design. Your unique style and personality will shine through when you trust a skilled florist to do what they do best. In conclusion, choosing the right flowers for your wedding is a significant decision that can significantly impact your special day’s overall aesthetic and ambience. By following these top five tips from Pippa’s Flowers & Co, you’ll be well on your way to creating a wedding floral experience that is both stunning and harmonious. Remember, your wedding day reflects your love story, and the right flowers can help tell that story beautifully.