Seeplaas beach wedding

Seeplaas beach wedding by Liezel Volschenk

Seeplaas beach wedding

A beautiful Seeplaas beach wedding as photographed by Liezel Volschenk.  We love the mood and the feel of this intimate wedding.  The joy and happiness is tangible in the photos and we had to ask the couple a few questions.

Seeplaas beach wedding

  • Tell us a bit more about your love story? Where did you meet, was it love at first sight etc..

I walked into his gym, he’s the owner of Eden Fitness, and that specific night he was coaching the cross fit class. He asked me for my number and I ended up not giving it to him (I was really shy).  He ended up getting my number from the form I had to fill in to get access to the gym and asked me out for coffee. 2 weeks later we went for coffee, complete strangers. He said “You know those stories where the guy sees a girl at a party and says that’s my wife, that’s how I felt when you walked into my gym”.  I basically just laughed hysterically, not knowing what to say. Then he said, ask me everything you want to know to be able to say if you’d marry me, on our first date!!!!!  Long story short, we spent everyday together ever since.


  • And the proposal?  Was it a surprise?  Romantic?

Yes, such a surprise! It was his birthday and he wanted to do this adventure thing in the mountains in Plettenberg Bay. I’m afraid of heights and we ended up jumping from waterfalls, abseiling from steep cliffs and just seeing the most amazing views. After a 3 hour adventure, the guides asked us to pose for a photo at the last waterfall, I had a wet suit on… we were standing with our backs to each other. When I turned around, he was down on one knee. I couldn’t even say yes. I was really surprised. We had only been dating for 9 months by that stage.


Seeplaas beach wedding

  • Let’s talk about your stunning wedding… We love your wedding venue. Why did you choose a Seeplaas beach wedding ?

We are a very simple couple… if we could have eloped we would have. Seeplaas is such a beautiful venue, and it didn’t even need a lot of decorating. Also Kayleen, the owner of the venue was so amazing in helping us with everything that needed to be done, and accommodated us as much as she could.

Seeplaas beach wedding

  • Your Seeplaas beach wedding ceremony took place on the dunes overlooking the beach. This is a great idea!  Can you tell us a bit more on why you opted to it on the dunes and not on the beach?

Well, with the weather in the garden route you never know what you’re going to get, and we are both beach kind of people. Marrying on the dunes we we’re sheltered from the wind a bit more, you could still see the ocean in the background and since it was a winter wedding we needed to think of our guests.

  • Those flowers…   Just gorgeous!!  Who was your florist, where did the inspiration come from, why these colours?  Did you give them free range or a specific look and feel?

This was my favorite part of the wedding. So I went to see this amazing woman from Germany, she run’s a company called Yes flowers. They do the wedding planning as well as the flowers and well just about everything you could think of. I gave her a picture of colorful flowers, saying we wanted a summer kind of look even thought it was winter. They went above and beyond with everything.  She told me to trust that it’ll feel like summer, and I had NO idea what they were going to do. It was a surprise. The flowers was our only decorations, and it was BREATHTAKING.


Seeplaas beach wedding


  • In hindsight is there anything you would have done differently?

Not a single thing.

  • Any tips or advice for couples planning a beach wedding?

Keep it simple. The view is so beautiful that the extras aren’t even that necessary. Make sure you guests know to not wear their highest heels, and never feel bound by a beach theme eventhough you are getting married on the beach.

Seeplaas beach wedding

We hope you have enjoyed this Seeplaas beach wedding as photographed by Liezel Volschenk.  Also visit our other beach wedding articles, Garden Route beach weddings and beach wedding venues.

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