Summer Weddings

Summer weddings tips

Summer weddings Tips

Summer Weddings

Above:  Photo by Christelle Rall Photography

Summer weddings has so many wonderful outdoor options, from beach to river, to forest to farm weddings.  Summer has often been a popular season for weddings, and for many reasons. Most people’s schedules are a bit more open during summer months making it easier for your guests to travel. Summertime is also a great time of year to get married because the weather is generally warm and comfortable. The summer season opens so many wonderful options for weddings.

Where to Get Married in the Summer

November to February tend to be very popular months to get married since the weather is nice for outdoor weddings. The Summertime is wonderful for an outdoor wedding on a location such as a beach, a garden, or even in a beautiful backyard. If you are considering an outdoor wedding, you’ll want to make sure you have adequate cover in case of inclement weather (which the Garden Route has no shortage of!), and that you also are able to offer your guests different ways to beat the heat. The sun stays up later into the evening in the Summer, allowing you to have an afternoon wedding, or even exchange your vows beneath a glorious sunset.

Summer Weddings

How to Decorate Your Summer Wedding

Lemons and Limes can make a lovely, colourful and affordable addition to your table as decor for a Summer Wedding.

Take advantage of the produce of the season by using fresh fruits and vegetables to decorate your wedding. Consider including clementine’s or lemons in your flower arrangements, or in a large vase. Enjoy your summer wedding well into the evening by incorporating lighted torches and candles, twinkle lights or strings of lanterns to light your reception for a beautiful glow. For a fun and festive summer idea, consider using checkered tablecloths around your reception for a picnic-themed vibe, or place a few sunflowers in metal watering cans to use as summery centrepieces.


What to Wear for a Summer Wedding

If you’ve begun shopping for a dress, you’ve probably noticed that most dresses are sleeveless and/or strapless, which makes shopping for the dress for a summer wedding that much easier. If you’re looking for advice on what to wear to summer weddings, this should help steer you in the right direction. Summer brides should look for light fabrics such as linen, chiffon, crepe, georgette, and other lightweight silks. You want a fabric that breathes to keep you from getting too sweaty or overheated.

For a beach wedding, look for a dress that is lightweight and breathable. Consider an easy and elegant slip dress, as they are both versatile and comfortable.  Your bridal party can all go barefoot, and the men can each wear dress shirts with slacks or linen suits.

For a garden wedding, look for a wedding dress that is easy to walk in on grass. Avoid dresses with a majorly long train as they can get very dirty or cause you to trip. You can consider floral cocktail dresses for your bridesmaids or perhaps some big straw hats. The men in the bridal party can go for the classic navy blazer with khaki slacks or beautiful matching suits.

For a more formal affair, there’s no reason not to choose traditional suits or tuxedos (depending on whether it’s an evening or daytime wedding) but you can still give a nod to the season by replacing the black tuxedo jacket with a natty white dinner jacket. Choose a wedding gown that is classic and timeless like a chic strapless mermaid style dress.

Summer Weddings

Above:  Photo by Christelle Rall Photography

Summer Wedding Beauty

When it comes to summer weddings, one important thing to keep in mind is the weather. Heat, humidity, and moisture can really do a number on your hair, so it’s important to keep your bridesmaids and groomsmen’s do’s in mind when planning a summer affair. If you want your style to survive the summer heat, you’ll need to consult a professional to help set your hair AND make up.

It’s important to not try to fight your hair in the summer: straight hair will get straighter and limper, and wavy hair will get wavier and frizzier. If you want the best chance of your hair withstanding the weather during the summer, we suggest you get an up do done by a professional who can create a long-lasting style. If you want an even more ethereal and summer hairstyle, consider adding a crown of flowers or a single bloom tucked into your hair.

Summer Weddings

Above:  Photo by Christelle Rall Photography at White House venue in Plettenberg Bay.  Wedding planning by Big Day event.  Flowers by Ecozest.

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