Wedding Makeup

Wedding Makeup Tips

 Wedding Makeup Tips

When it comes to your  Wedding Makeup or just make up in general, there are lot of information around that can be very confusing.  What is the right look and feel for you?  What colours to use and probably more important, what not to use?  We asked three of the very best Garden Route wedding make up artists  Liezel van Wyk, Wilma Cronje and Wilna Allpass to give us some tips with regards to make up.

Wedding Makeup

Above: Photo from Styled Shoot, Karoo Avant Gardist.  Make up by Liezel van Wyk.  Photography by Christelle Rall Photography

Liezel van Wyk:

Buy fewer high-quality materials that can be used for multiple things, don’t over spend/buy items you don’t need.

Use eye primer before applying eyeliner and eye shadow to prevent them from fading or

One of the fundamental rules of  Wedding Makeup is to decide whether to accentuate your eyes of lips. You’ll end up looking like a makeup disaster if you try doing both together!

Garden Route Make Up Artist

Above: Photo from Styled Shoot, River Opulance.  Make up by Liezel van Wyk.  Photography by Christelle Rall Photography

Always use a sponge or brush when applying foundation, and never use your fingers. You can leave fingerprints on your face.

Set concealer and foundation with loose powder, to make them longer-lasting and skin looks matt in pictures.

Define your brows with a pencil or shadow that matches your hair colour.

Choose water-resistant eye makeup, like Long Wear Gel Eyeliner and No Smudge Mascara.

make up artist

Above: Photo from Styled Shoot, River Opulance.  Make up by Liezel van Wyk.  Photography by Darrell Fraser Photography

Don’t forget your blush! A pop of colour on your cheeks is like an instant facelift.

To make lipstick and lip gloss last longer, line and fill lips with Lip Pencil before applying colour.

To avoid cake-face makeup, use finishing spray to give your face an even, natural look.

make up tips

Above: Photo from Styled Shoot, Farm Picnic.  Make up by Liezel van Wyk.  Photography by Christelle Rall Photography

Wilma Cronje

1. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions before booking a makeup and hair artist, for example do you use professional products? Professional makeup is made to work with flash photography and won’t make you look like a ghost on camera, professional makeup and hair products will also last throughout your wedding day.

2. Ask for a time schedule and stick to it, especially if you are a group of ladies having both hair and makeup done to avoid stressing out. Time seems to run out quickly during the last 2 hours before your wedding. Pick the bridesmaid that are the most organized and ask her to keep an eye on the time for you.

3. Always do a trial for makeup and hair, just like you don’t want to try on your wedding dress for the first time on your wedding day you don’t want to take the risk of being uncomfortable with the look you chose.

make up tips

Above:  Make up by Wilma Cronje.  Photo by Ruan Redelinghuys

4. Bring along photos off what you like or even what you don’t like to make it easier for the makeup artist to understand the look you are going for, even pictures of your dress and feel of the overall wedding look and theme will help.

5. Make sure your eyebrows are waxed or groomed on the day of your wedding, and make sure your bridal party do the same. Tweezing eyebrows properly can take up a lot of precious time. Ask the makeup artist at the trial if she can do this for you or make a booking with your local therapist.

6. Take care of your skin and lips prior to your wedding day. Exfoliating and moisturizing can do wonders for your skin and it doesn’t have to be expensive, bicarbonate of soda mixed into your facewash makes a great exfoliator and while you are at it why not exfoliate your whole body.

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Above:  Make up by Wilma Cronje.  Photography by Salt & Light Photography & Liezel Volschenk Photography

7. On your wedding day arrive with a clean face free off any traces of foundation and mascara. Even though I always clean the skin before I start with a face, it takes time to properly remove yesterday’s waterproof mascara and if you start on a dirty canvas the best makeup job can still look bad.

8. Ask to buy the lipstick colour and touch up powder to keep looking your best throughout the night.

9. If you have never had a spray tan before do a trial run before your wedding day and let your makeup artist know at the trial so that she can test your foundation colour again to get the perfect match.

10. Remember to share your wedding pictures with your makeup artist when you receive them from your photographer, we love seeing them!

make up artist

Above:  Make up by Wilma Cronje.  Photography by Rachel Andrews Photography

Wilna Allpass:

As a Bridal Makeup Artist and Hairstylist i find that every bride is different, some brides come with inspirational pictures and some ask me to do what i think wil suit them best. These tips are crucial to me as an Artist when going for a makeup and hair trial.

1. The most important thing to me is that brides come with a realistic expectation, pinterest makeup and hair inspirations are wonderful, but also photoshopped and what works for one girl might not work for you.

2. Decide on your look, do you want a dramatic look or more natural,bring inspirational pictures, talk to your artist and be specific, if you communicate your needs, your artist will know in which direction she should go and you will likely not end up wanting a second trial.

Garden route make up artist

Above:  Make up by Wilna Allpass . Image Anina Harmse Photography.

3. I ALWAYS take pictures in natural light and show my brides, makeup washes out on pictures and if you decide on a natural look, you might be disappointed when you look “washed out” on photos, that way you can adjust your look and have the desired makeup look that you want for your wedding day.

4. Trust your artist, most Wedding Makeup artists have extensive bridal makeup experience, they know what will suit your eye shape and what colors will compliment your eye color.

5. Never ask a friend or family member to do your makeup if they are not working in the bridal industry, not only is it difficult to be straight forward if you are not happy, but its extremely important to use professional products and have product knowledge when it comes to bridal makeup.

6. If you are interested in doing lash extensions , make sure you do it at least 4 weeks prior to see if you have any reactions to the glue that is used or if you feel comfortable with it, most artists offer false lashes which can also give you the desired “full lashes” look.

make up artist

Above:  Make up by Wilna Allpass . Image Jacey Searra Photography

7. Don’t try new face products in the weeks leading up to your wedding day, its best to be safe.

8. Choose your artist according to their portfolio, Facebook is a wonderful platform, choose an artist that works in the bridal industry, someone who specializes in bridal makeup, ask your photographer for a references, and remember “word of mouth” is the best way to go!!!!

9. This is a very special time in your life, your artist should treat you like you are important you may not be their first bride but its your first wedding, no matter how good the artist she will set the tone on your wedding day, make sure you “break the ice” on your trial day so that when the wedding day arrives you feel comfortable, being professional is key, BUT being too professional can sometimes make things a bit uncomfortable, i always say i want to leave as a friend!!!!

10. This is Very Important, always make sure you provide your artist with a Time Schedule from the photographer, not only will this help you not to be rushed but it will help the photographer get amazing bridal portraits and your makeup artist will have enough time to do a decent job.

make up artist

Above:  Make up by Wilna Allpass . Image Caroline Pinto Photography

We hope you have enjoyed this article aboutWedding Makeup .  Make sure to read more Wedding Makeup inspiration tips here.

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Above:  Make up by Wilna Allpass . Image Ruan Redelinghuys Photography