Wilderness Wedding Styled Shoot

Tea and Tumbling Waters: Celebrating a High Tea Wilderness Wedding Styled Shoot

Welcome to a world of enchantment and romance, where the wilderness meets elegance and high tea mingles with cascading waterfalls. Today, we invite you to immerse yourself in the captivating tale of “Tea and Tumbling Waters,” a Wilderness Wedding Styled Shoot that brings together the allure of a classic high tea and the majestic beauty of nature.

Let’s delve into the meticulous efforts of the talented service providers who brought this dreamlike celebration to life, despite the challenges that threatened to derail its magic. Through a lens that captures the whimsical elegance of the Alice in Wonderland vibes, we will reveal the seamless collaboration of passionate individuals, each contributing their unique touch to make this styled shoot an unforgettable experience. From the skilled boatsman who led the team to the roaring waterfall to the makeup artists, hair stylists, and fashion designers who transformed our stunning model into an ethereal vision – we will highlight the remarkable talents that made this event truly extraordinary.

So, grab a cup of your favourite tea, and be transported to a world where love and creativity intertwine with the wilderness – a world where Tea and Tumbling Waters come together in a celebration of love that made this Wilderness Wedding Styled Shoot an unforgettable experience for all involved. The journey to this magical day was riddled with challenges, including inclement weather and last-minute adjustments, but the dedication and talent of each service provider shone through.

Kaaimans River Lodge

The shoot began with a thrilling fashion shoot at the thundering Wilderness waterfall, a challenging location after recent heavy rains. Francis, the skilled boatsman from Riverside Lodge, guided the team safely through the rough waters. His expertise and unwavering spirit made the experience seamless and memorable.

Miss Cakes MAU (Makeup Artists)

Catlin’s makeup artistry was nothing short of breathtaking. She transformed the model, Brighitte, into a vision of beauty that perfectly complemented the high tea theme, setting the stage for an enchanting day.

Cocoa Plum Beauty Studio (Hair Styling)

Elandri and Marzaan from Cocoa Plum Beauty weaved their magic with a beautiful flowing hairstyle, harmonizing effortlessly with the cascading waterfall backdrop, creating a captivating and ethereal look.

Brighitte Horak Music

Brighitte, the wonderful model, showcased her professionalism, poise, and elegance despite the cold and wet conditions. She looked stunning, and the look (as well as the details), flawlessly complimenting the theme.

Rene H Couture

Rene H Couture designed the stunning Wildflower Dress of Dreams and featured delicate wildflower details that perfectly complemented the picturesque wilderness surroundings, adding a touch of enchantment to the entire setup.

Lily & Lime SA

The beautiful bouquet, flower crown, and hat crafted by Lily & Lime SA were a delightful harmony of wildflower elements, accentuating the charm of the dress and blending seamlessly with the waterfall backdrop.

Horak’s Jewellery

Horak’s Jewellery offered a stunning selection of Perfect Teardrop Accent jewellery, including earrings, rings, and a necklace, perfectly in sync with the waterfall theme. JD’s custom-made ring was a magnificent addition.

The McKenzie Collective

Eddie from The McKenzie Collective proved to be a lifesaver, agreeing to create an enchanting video a day before the event. The video artfully reflected the flowing rhythm of the waterfall, capturing the essence of the high tea theme.

Bubbles & Co Events

Lizanne & Donna from Bubbles & Co Events masterfully infused the high tea concept into every aspect of the shoot. Their creativity extended beyond the norm by incorporating local fauna and flora to create a mesmerizing waterfall setting as well as delicate décor details that further enhanced the theme.

Dennebergshof Venue

Elise and Carene from Dennebergshof Venue offered impeccable hospitality, making everyone feel like royalty. The vintage teacups and décor elements effortlessly embraced the high tea theme.

The Catering Collective

Isabel from The Catering Collective showcased her food artistry, curating gourmet high tea snacks with perfection, truly complementing the theme and leaving everyone indulging in a delightful culinary experience.

Michelle Photography

Michelle Photography’s exceptional talent was evident, capturing every intricate detail despite the challenges of short notice and less-than-perfect lighting conditions. The result was a collection of stunning photographs capturing the essence of the day.


Dean from Occasions provided invaluable assistance in selecting the best options and colours, ensuring JD looked impeccable and perfectly in sync with the theme, adding a touch of elegance to the shoot.

Lekkerbek Tuisgebak

Hanlie from Lekkerbek stepped in as another lifesaver, creating a stunning cake on short notice. The cake’s floral details resonated with the high-end theme, and its delectable taste left everyone enchanted.

Finally, a heartfelt thanks go to the wonderful models, Brighitte & JD, whose professionalism, positivity, and joy added a special charm to the day. The shoot would not have been possible without the invaluable support of the family members who contributed their assistance with transportation, chandelier setup, and their readiness to go above and beyond.

“Tea and Tumbling Waters” was a celebration of love, creativity, and collaboration. Each service provider’s dedication to enhancing the high tea theme brought this Wilderness Wedding Styled Shoot to life, creating a truly magical and unforgettable event in the heart of the wilderness.

Wilderness Wedding Styled Shoot

Concept: Garden Route Weddings

Styling, setup & flowers:  Bubbles & Co Events

Venue:  Denneberghof

Catering:  The Catering Collective

Photography:  Michelle Photography & Christelle Rall Photography

Videography:  The McKenzie Collective

Hair Stylist:  Cocoa Plum Beauty Studio

Make Up Artist: Caitlin from Miss Cakes MAU

Dress: Rene H Couture

Suit: Occasions

Jewellery:  Horaks Manufacturing Jewellers

Models: Brighitte & JD

Florist: Lily And Lime

Cake: Lekkerbek Tuisgebak

Boat & Accommodation: River Lodge

Drinks: Bernini